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What Is an Insurance Deductible?

Everyone living in Switzerland must have statutory health insurance and contribute to treatment costs in the event of illness or accident. Because the Swiss health system is based on solidarity.

The deductible is the contribution you make towards the treatment costs per calendar year. If you have a deductible of CHF 2500, you pay the first CHF 2500 of the medical costs.

You have the right to change your deductible every year and, as insured, you can choose one of the following deductibles:

Choosing a higher franchise

In the regular insurance, the deductible (annual amount with which you contribute to the costs) is 300 CHF for adults (CHF 0 for children). You can choose a higher deductible and pay lower premiums for it.

Annual deductible children (0-18)

 Annual deductible youths (19-25)

 Annual deductible adults > 26 

CHF    0

CHF  300.-

CHF  300.-

CHF 100

CHF  500.-

CHF  500.-

CHF 200

CHF 1000.-

CHF 1000.-

CHF 300

CHF 1500.-

CHF 1500.-

CHF 400

CHF 2000.-

CHF 2000.-

CHF 500

CHF 2500.-

CHF 2500.-

What is the most convenient deductible for me?

If you choose a low deductible such as CHF 300 for an adult, you pay less for your treatment costs, but your monthly insurance premium is much higher. However, if you opt for a high deductible of CHF 2500, you will pay lower monthly insurance premiums and thus take more responsibility for your health care costs.

When can I change my health insurance deductible?

To a higher franchise

  • At any time at the beginning of the calendar year

Too lower deductible

  • Deadline of three months to the end of the calendar year and one month after notification of the new premium.

To other insurance model

  • Basis on alternative - at any time during the year starting on the 1st of the following month (300/0)
  • Alternatively on based, at the beginning of the calendar year by November 30th

I am pregnant, do I have to share the cost?

No, in the case of maternity, there is no cost sharing from the 13th week of pregnancy and up to eight weeks after the birth.

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