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Select the health insurance that best suits your needs from our range of insurance. Are you single or a student? Do you have a family and children? Then you will find the right health insurance offer with us exactly according to your wishes.





Compulsory health insurance KVG

The compulsory health insurance KVG provides benefits in the event of illness, accident and maternity. All health insurers that provide mandatory health insurance must cover the same statutory scope of benefits. According to the law, the KVG only provides services that are effective, appropriate and economical. Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Assura offers the lowest and most stable premiums in Switzerland on average.

New in   Switzerland

Just arrived in Switzerland? We can offer you a health insurance offer for a “New in Switzerland” package that includes everything you need for your new life in Switzerland. We at BBC Health Insurance Advisory Center of Asssura are very familiar with informing / instructing / advising our customers about all health insurance.

Change health insurance

Do you need help in the transition phase? Feeling lost with all the information and red tape? We would like to offer you the cheapest health insurance premiums for your region. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal conversation and will advise you completely free of charge and without obligation

Supplementary insurance

If you have special requests or think that a normal KVG is not sufficient, we can help you to adapt the insurance cover to your profile. A wide range of insurance supplements the basic insurance benefits. The supplementary insurance supplements the basic insurance.

How can I save on my premiums?

Tip 1: Save on basic health insurance premiums?

With the health insurance comparison, you can save an average of 1,000 francs in premiums per year with the same benefits. Why pay more?

Tip 2: Exclusion of accident coverage

The Accident Insurance Act stipulates that your employer insures you against occupational and non-occupational accidents if you work at least eight hours a week.

Tip 3: Choosing a higher deductible

In the regular insurance, the deductible (annual amount with which you contribute to the costs) is 300 CHF for adults (CHF 0 for children). You can choose a higher franchise and pay lower premiums for it.

Tip 4: family doctor model

By choosing the family doctor model, you undertake to always consult your family doctor first, except in emergencies and consultations with an ophthalmologist, dentist and gynecologist.

Tip 5: Check your entitlement to premium reductions

 People in modest economic circumstances are entitled to contributions to their health insurance premiums.

Here you will find an overview of all health insurance premiums for 2021 per canton.

Over 50

> Thanks to my health insurance, I always stay young. For the same benefits, I even save over CHF 1,000 per year!

With increasing age, the requirements for health protection change - this is completely normal. As far as basic insurance is concerned, all health insurances cover the same benefits, only the premiums vary, depending on the type of health insurer!

So, why pay more for the same services?

Some supplementary insurance becomes redundant, others are still important. Think well that benefits can now play a new role in your life!

Complementary insurance (VVG)

If you have special requests or you think that mandatory insurance is not enough, we can help you tailor the insurance coverage to your profile. Here we expose you a wide range of complementary insurances that complete the basic insurance benefits.

Hospital Insurance

With the supplementary insurance semi-private department or private department you have a cover for a twin or singl room, with free choice of doctor.

Alternative medicine

For alternative medicine, you are completely protected, especially if you prefer alternative or sweet medicine. The additional insurance covers the costs of complementary medical therapies.

Dental insurance

For dental insurance protects children and adults from the usually very high costs for dental corrections and disease-related tooth damage.

Travel insurance

With the travel insurance you have a WORLDWIDE coverage, in emergencies due to illness or accident abroad.
The travel insurance offers you worldwide protection before and during your trips abroad.


Health insurance is more important than ever when you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Health insurance covers your baby's prenatal care, delivery, pediatric care, and vaccinations.

Registering your baby before birth is very important for supplementary insurance. As additional insurance is not compulsory, there is a possibility that your child will be born with complications and that additional insurance will be rejected. Some important therapies, such as alternative medicine, are not compulsorily insured, and registration of your child before the birth is free. Assura is offering a special six month prenatal package for free!

Family health insurance

Insuring your family is one of the most important and responsible things you can do. Sometimes this can be a difficult task, especially given the many variations such as family size and the type of insurance chosen. We at Best Bargain are recognized as consultants to Asurra. We want to help you with this task and provide you and your family with the best insurance coverage available on the market.

A family health insurance plan can be very expensive, but at the same time those who use it believe that saving is not the top priority because the health of your family is at stake, who buy very expensive and ineffective insurance, choose complementary items, that are not tailored to their needs and opt for very low deductibles, thereby increasing annual healthcare costs with no real benefit.

These bad decisions turn out to be very expensive and ineffective health insurance with a negative impact on one's finances and family health.

Contact us or request a free, no obligation online health insurance consultation for your family now. Give your family the security that only good health insurance can offer you.

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Frequent question

Have you just settled in Switzerland?

  • Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland, so you must take out insurance if you are domiciled in Switzerland. Insurance coverage is individual

Term of three months

  • You must take out your health insurance within three months of your arrival in Switzerland. The competent cantonal authorities supervise compliance with the insurance obligation, which in most cases requires a copy of the policy or a copy of the insurance card.

Health insurance - costs and benefits?

  • As an insured, you have to pay a monthly premium for health insurance. The cost of premiums is not the same for everyone, it depends on the health insurance company, the place of residence and the age of the insured. For children and young people the prizes are cheaper.

What is the deductible?

  • The deductible is the annual amount with which you have to contribute to the costs of medical services, the mandatory one is 300 CHF for adults and none for children. Once this amount is reached, the health insurance company provides its benefits. You can choose a higher deductible and pay lower premiums.

       For adults: 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 (CHF)
       For children: 0.100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 (CHF)

Student health insurance

> Are you studying in Switzerland and also need affordable health insurance?

We offer you SOS Evasan, an ideal insurance package with additional benefits that includes everything you need as a student in Switzerland. As a student, you are certain to have claims that exceed those of normal insurance. Chances are you're an active person who plays sports or enjoys traveling around the world. So you need specific health insurance, but at the same time you don't want to spend too much money on it. We can offer you a perfect solution that meets all your requirements, combined with the best market conditions. From CHF 69 per month

Bestbargain equals “How to best save”. We would like to offer you the cheapest premiums for your health insurance. This is our commitment. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal conversation and will advise you completely free of charge and without obligation.



Our consultants are happy to be there for you. Give us a call, send us an email or visit us at the BBC agency in Zurich. We look forward to you.