SOS Evasan, the best health insurance solution for foreign students in Switzerland.


With two different health plans,  Swiss Studies Essentials & economic and  Swiss Studies Oll in one , you can choose the student insurance that best suits your needs!

Swiss Studies Essentials & economic 

is a comprehensive insurance plan for international students (LAMAL equivalency)

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Swiss Studies  All in one 

is an insurance plan for international students with service (Private & more)

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Evasan is a leading student health insurance and assistance company, headquartered in Switzerland with more than 1 million satisfied customers worldwide.


  • The offer that the applicant submits to the insurer for the purpose of concluding an insurance contract. 
  • This offer is not worth as conclusion of the contract. When the insurer makes the insurance application form available to the policyholder is a simple offer. 
  • The insurance application does not replace the insurance policy in any case.


The insurance certificate is a declarative document that the insurer gives to the policyholder upon request, to allow him to complete administrative procedures requested by third parties, such as, enrolling at a school and getting an authorisation to temporarily stay on the contractual territory. By this document, which is issued after the insurance premium has been paid, the insurer confirms the acceptance to conclude with the policyholder under the condition that all the essential elements of the contract are subsequently upheld.


The reciprocal and concurring manifestation of the will of the policyholder and the insurer covering all the essential points of their relationship. All the declarations that 


Student Health Insurance Swiss Studies, it is a Medical Insurance for Foreign Students in Switzerland, this insurance is a complete medical insurance that includes accidents and illness, if you are a student you can benefit from all the benefits of the Swiss national medical insurance, the so-called KVG-LAM without having to fill out any medical questionnaire .

SOS Evasan is at the service of foreign students in SWITZERLAND,  ist a leading health insurance and assistance company based in Switzerland with over 1 million satisfied clients worldwide. It has an experience of more than 20 years and consists of innovative Swiss Studies  insurance plans. It is also the most affordable student health insurance in switzerland. In addition, it has a multilingual alarm advisory center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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