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Family health insurance

Insuring your family is one of the most important and responsible things you can do. Sometimes this can be a difficult task, especially given the many variations such as family size and the type of insurance chosen.

A family health insurance plan can be very expensive, but at the same time those who use it believe that saving is not the top priority because the health of your family is at stake, who buy very expensive and ineffective insurance, choose complementary items, that are not tailored to their needs and opt for very low deductibles, thereby increasing annual healthcare costs with no real benefit.

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These bad decisions turn out to be very expensive and ineffective health insurance, with a negative impact on the finances and health of one's own family. You have the right to a free choice of health insurance, children and parents do not have to be insured with the same insurance. You are free to choose your health insurance and are included in the basic insurance without any conditions.

All people living in Switzerland must have basic insurance. Basic insurance for your baby must be taken out no later than three months after the birth. If you are new to Switzerland, you must insure your family no later than three months after your arrival.

The supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is not compulsory. Therefore, you must state your state of health for admission. The health insurance company can reject your application. We therefore recommend that you always take out additional insurance before your child is born or when your child is completely healthy. »  Get information here

Alternative medicine, specialty vaccines, dental insurance, glasses, disability capital, travel insurance, etc. are some of the benefits of supplementary insurance. A wide range of insurance supplements the basic insurance benefits. Discover the additional health insurance that best suits your family at a personalized price.

Maternity Insurance

Are you expecting a child?

> Congratulations. The prenatal insurance offers insurance cover in the event of illness and accident from the first day of your birth ... » find out more here

Contact us or request a free, no-obligation consultation on health insurance for your family online now. Give your family the security that only good health insurance can give you.


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