The best way to save!

In recent years we have paid more and more for health insurance, although our salaries remain the same. There are many ways to lower

your mandatory health insurance premium.

1: Save on basic health insurance premiums

With the health insurance comparison, you can save an average of 1,000 francs in premiums per year with the same benefits.Why pay more?

2: Exclusion of accident coverage

The Accident Insurance Act stipulates that your employer insures you against occupational and non-occupational accidents if you work at least

eight hours a week.

3: Choosing a higher deductible

In the regular insurance, the deductible (annual amount with which you contribute to the costs) is 300 CHF for adults (CHF 0 for children). You can

choose a higher franchise and pay lower premiums for it.

 4: Family doctor model

By choosing the family doctor model, you undertake to always consult your family doctor first, except in emergencies and consultations with an

ophthalmologist, dentist and gynecologist.

 5: Check your entitlement to premium reductions

People in modest economic circumstances are entitled to contributions to their health insurance premiums. Here you will find an overview of all

health insurance premiums for 2021 per canton.


Have you just settled in Switzerland? Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland, so you must take out insurance if you are domiciled in

Switzerland. Insurance coverage is individual.

Term of three months

You must take out your health insurance within three months of your arrival in Switzerland. The competent cantonal authorities supervise

compliance with the insurance obligation, which in most cases requires a copy of the policy or a copy of the insurance card.

Health insurance - costs and benefits?

As an insured, you have to pay a monthly premium for health insurance. The cost of premiums is not the same for everyone, it depends on

the health insurance company, the place of residence and the age of the insured. For children and young people the prizes are cheaper.

What is the deductible?

The deductible is the annual amount with which you have to contribute to the costs of medical services, the mandatory one is 300 CHF for

adults and none for children. Once this amount is reached, the health insurance company provides its benefits. You can choose a higher

deductible and pay lower premiums.

New in Switzerland

Just arrived in Switzerland?  We can offer you a health insurance offer for a « New in Switzerland » package that includes everything you 

need for your new life in Switzerland.

We are at your disposal for questions and further information. To make your quality of life more comfortable and pleasant. With our

consultants you will find comprehensive insurance solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Here you can request an offer for the cheapest health insurance in your region.