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Would you like to live in Switzerland or have you just moved? Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world based on solidarity, and you as a resident of Switzerland can benefit from it. Here you will find some information you need to know to be properly insured in this Swiss country.

Welcome to Switzerland!

All health insurers in Switzerland that carry out compulsory health care insurance (KVG) must cover the same statutory scope of benefits. According to the law, the KVG only provides services that are effective, appropriate and economical. Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. In contrast to the compulsory KVG basic insurance, the additional insurance benefits vary from health insurance to health insurance.

The basic insurance benefits are the same for all health insurance companies in Switzerland. Basic insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. If you move to Switzerland from abroad, you must take out health insurance.
If you move with the whole family, you must apply for basic insurance for each member. Once you have signed up with the registry, you have three months to take out mandatory health insurance. It is very important to know that if you register within this period, you will be insured from the date of your entry.


What does accident insurance offer?

If you work at least eight hours a week, you are legally insured against accidents by your employer and can exclude the risk of accidents in the basic insurance.

What is co-payment?

In the basic insurance, the cost sharing consists of the deductible, the deductible and the hospital contribution. You do not have to pay any co-payment for maternity benefits.

What is the three month term?

You must take out your health insurance within three months of your arrival in Switzerland. The responsible cantonal authorities monitor compliance with the insurance obligation, which in most cases requires a copy of the policy or a copy of the insurance card.

Health Insurance - Costs and Benefits?

As an insured person, you have to pay a monthly premium for health insurance. The premium costs are not the same for everyone, but depend on the health insurance company, the place of residence and the age of the insured person. The prices are cheaper for children and young people.

What is the deductible?

The deductible is the annual amount with which you have to contribute to the costs of medical care; the mandatory amount is CHF 300 for adults and none for children. As soon as this amount is reached, the health insurance company offers its services. You can choose a higher deductible and pay lower premiums.

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Documents upon completion

A copy of the foreigner's permit is important. The additional products cannot be concluded with the F or N residence permit.

Immigration from abroad

The most important documents are the residence permit and certificate of residence. Example, permit B, entry date 01.01.2021 KVG insured from 01.01.2021.

Premium surcharge for late joining

If you are new to Switzerland and do not register with the insurance company within 3 months of entering the country, the insurance company will charge you a premium surcharge.

Change health insurance

Possible until November 30th from 1.1. the following year. The basic insurance with a deductible of 300/0 can be extended until March 31st. from 1.7. of the current year.

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