Special discount for collective ! 

We can offer you a perfect solution that meets all your needs, combined with the best market conditions. Insurance premiums for

foreign students and expatriate Swiss, health and accident insurance with private liability insurance included. Only CHF 79.- per month.  

Swiss Studies  SOS Evasan "Essential & Economic" is the cheapest health insurance for students  in SWITZERLAND!

The Evasan  compulsory health insurance grants benefits in case of illness, accident and maternity. All health insurers who perform

compulsory health care insurance must assume the same statutory scope of benefits. The KVG assumes the legal capacity to provide

benefits that are effective, expedient and economic.

You must purchase health insurance within 3 months of your arrival in Switzerland, If you live in Switzerland, you must take out basic

health insurance that fully complies with the Federal Health Insurance Law (KVG / LAMal), you are free to choose any approved Swiss

health insurance company.

As a student you certainly have claims that are higher than those of a normal insurance. You are probably an active person doing sports

or you like traveling around the world. Therefore, you need a specific health insurance, but at the same time you do not want to spend 

too much money.We can offer you a perfect solution that meets all your requirements, combined with the best market conditions.

 » Tablet of Coverage

Equivalent LaMal   

Glasses and contact lenses in case of pathology

100% after 6 months

Medications and remedies



Max. CHF 5000

Doctors (general practitioners & specialists)


Pregnancies and maternities


Dental treatments in case of emergency


Inpatient treatments (hospitalisation):100%


Outpatient treat-ments provided


Laboratory and radiology costs





  • The INSURER will provide compensation for a hospital stay when receiving tests, the health state ofthe insured party or the medical 

       treatment which needs medical treatment

  • The insured party is free to choose from the list of hospitals from LAMal.


  • Arrangements for hospital treatment are applied similarly for treatment in a clinic providing semi-hospital treatment such as a day or 

       night clinic or an institution that provides day operations.


In the event of outpatient treatment, the compensation equivalent to LAMal will be paid out with notime limit.

The recognised suppliers for outpatient treatment are following persons and institutions:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Chiropractors
  • Midwives
  • Laboratories,
  • Centres for diagnostic and therapeutic services, on medical prescription,
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Nurses,
  • Speech therapists.
  • The INSURER will cover the costs of outpatient treatment, in compliance with the valid prices in theplace of residence or of schooling for 

the insured parties.

  • The insured party is free to choose a practitioner according to the LAMal.
  • Any services that are not equivalent to the LAMal will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If the insured party voluntarily and repeatedly changes practitioner for the treatment of the same illness,the compensation will be granted 

       upon agreement from the INSURER 


  • Costs linked to pregnancy and child birth, in particular, routine tests, stay in a birth centre, breastfeeding advice, treatment for new-borns who 

       are in good health and their stay, as long as they stay in the hospital with their mother, are covered according to the usual basic rates by the INSURER


  • The INSURER will refund the costs for tests prescribed by the doctor to diagnose or manage treatment, as well as featuring on the 'list of standard 

       tests' from the DFI and as long as they are carried out by a pharmacist or a laboratory which have been authorised by LAMal. Cost of scans, radiology 

       and MRIs are entirely covered if they are prescribed by a doctor for valid reason.


The following costs are covered in the event of urgent dental treatment:

  •  If the treatment was required because of a serious and unavoidable illness in the chewing system orby another serious illness or its  consequences.

       The cost of urgent treatment for injury to the chewing system caused by an accident provided that theyhave no other insurance package or third party 

       service provider covering the expense.

  • General dental care, such as dental fillings or tooth position corrections (eg orthodontic appliances) arenot supported.

Why choose Evasan?

Evasan  ist a leading travel health insurance and assistance company based in Switzerland with over 1 million satisfied clients worldwide. 

It has an experience of more than 20 years and consists of innovative insurance plans that satisfy the individual needs of each client with very competitive premiums either for general insurance or private health insurance.

In addition, it has a multilingual alarm advisory center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.