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Are you studying in Switzerland ? And need a cost-effective and complete health insurance? We offer you an ideal insurance package with additional services that includes everything you need as a student in Switzerland.

  • The Swiss Studies "Essential & Economic" insurance plan coverage for a wide range of inpatient and outpatient treatments along with benefits such as rescue expenses and emergency dental treatments.
  • Manage your money the right way! Currently, the Swiss Studies "Essential & Economic"is the most affordable student health insurance plan you will find on the market.
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Special discount for collective !

The Evasan  compulsory health insurance grants benefits in case of illness, accident and maternity. All health insurers who perform compulsory health care insurance must assume the same statutory scope of benefits.

The Basis insurances assumes the legal capacity to provide benefits that are effective, expedient and economic.
We can offer you a perfect solution that meets all your needs, combined with the best market conditions. Insurance premiums for foreign students and expatriate Swiss, health and accident insurance with private liability insurance included. Only CHF 79.- per month.  Swiss Studies  SOS Evasan "Essential & Economic" is the cheapest health insurance for students  in SWITZERLAND!

  • You must purchase health insurance within 3 months of your arrival in Switzerland, If you live in Switzerland, you must take out basic health insurance that fully complies with the Federal Health Insurance Law (KVG / LAMal), you are free to choose any approved Swiss health insurance company.
  • As a student you certainly have claims that are higher than those of a normal insurance. You are probably an active person doing sports or you like traveling around the world. Therefore, you need a specific health insurance, but at the same time you do not want to spend too much money. We can offer you a perfect solution that meets all your requirements, combined with the best market conditions. BBC Best Bargain Consulting, we would be happy to advise you individually, personally and without obligation.

Why choose Swiss Studies Evasan?

It has an experience of more than 20 years and consists of innovative Swiss Studies  insurance plans.

Evasan  ist a leading health insurance and assistance company based in Switzerland with over 1 million satisfied clients worldwide.

In addition, it has a multilingual alarm advisory center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The physical or moral person who takes out the insurance contract for his own use or on behalf of
someone else, who as a result, is held accountable to pay the insurance premium.

In the event of taking out an insurance contract on behalf of someone else, only the insured party- withthe exclusion of the policyholder- is a beneficiary and can make a claim. The commitments that the policyholder has made in regards to the third party does not oblige the parties in the present contract,even if they had influenced the agreement of the contract.


The person who can benefit from the compensation from the insurer. Only people or groups of people
who are designated beneficiaries on the insurance contract or the named list included are insured.

Foreign nationals or foreign groups, who are up to and including 36 years old, who wish to stay on
the contractual territory for training or further training, such as students, schoolchildren and interns, or
those who are participating in a non-lucrative activity for which the law provides the possibility of being
exempt from having to insure themselves for basic mandatory health insurance.

In exceptional cases, provided that it is mentioned in the contract and a supplementary fee is paid, the
insurer can insure people who are aged between 37 to (up to and including) 45 years old, under the
condition that they are authorised to stay in the contractual territory for a year, and are there looking
for work, as part of their studies, internships, refresher training or for other reasons, with the possibility
of being exempt from having to insure themselves for basic mandatory health insurance.

To receive an offer for the Swiss study plan "Essential & Economic" or the Swiss study plan "All-in-One Optima", simply fill out the application form below. Swiss Studies SOS Evasan "Essential & Economic" is the cheapest health insurance for students in SWITZERLAND. We offer you a perfect solution that meets all your needs combined with the best market conditions. BBC Best Bargain Consulting we would be happy to advise you individually, personally and without obligation.


Student Health Insurance Swiss Studies, it is a Medical Insurance for Foreign Students in Switzerland, this insurance is a complete medical insurance that includes accidents and illness, if you are a student you can benefit from all the benefits of the Swiss national medical insurance, the so-called KVG-LAMal without having to fill out any medical questionnaire .Know more


Any harmful, sudden, unforeseen or involuntary injury caused to the human body by an external and violent
source which affects the physical integrity of the insured party and which could be objectively witnessed.


Any non-intentional deterioration in the health state which requires consultation, treatment or medication,
which is not the result of an accident and is not the manifestation of a pre-existing health condition.


The Deductible: is the amount determined by the contract which remains the responsibility for the insured party to pay in the event of a claim. This deductible can apply either per claim, per incident,per year (contractual year). See Table of Coverage. The Fixed Proportion: only if it stipulates differently in the Table of Coverage, the insured party must cover the fixed proportion equal to 10% of the sum due to the insured party after deduction of the annual deductible.

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