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Hospital Insurance

If you opt for additional supplemental hospital insurance. Then you enjoy more freedom of choice with an inpatient hospital stay. With the supplementary insurance, semi-private ward or private ward, you have coverage for a double or single room, with a free choice of doctor. 

«Private ward» Comfortable hospital stay in a 1 bed room, unlimited cost coverage, free choice of recognized hospitals and clinics throughout Switzerland.

«Semi-private ward» Comfortable hospital stay in a 2 bed room with a large number of hospitals and clinics throughout Switzerland, free choice of doctor (within the facility)

«General ward» It covers additional costs in the hospital if you are treated outside the canton of residence or in an emergency.

The basic insurance includes statutory benefits for your health. Covers basic needs in the event of illness, accident and maternity. With compulsory insurance, you can choose between the hospitals that are listed in the list of the canton of residence.

Health insurance - hospital treatment

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatments
  • In public and subsidized hospitals
  • Coverage in the general ward of a hospital facility on a cantonal list. Any tariff differences will be covered by additional insurance. »   learn more

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