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Alternative medicine

You are also fully protected for alternative medicine, especially if you prefer alternative healing methods. Conventional medicine and complementary medicine take a different approach.

 Conventional medicine is based on scientifically proven studies, while natural medicine is based on the use of certain methods that are not scientifically recognized.
Sometimes when conventional medical treatment isn't working as expected, natural alternative medicine can be of great help with certain types of illnesses.

What are the so-called complementary or alternative medical methods?

For example homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, ethiopathy, kinesiology, Bach flowers, phytotherapy, acupressure, Shiatsu, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, aromatherapy, bioresonance, Ayurveda, lymphatic drainage, among others.

What are the reasons for using complementary medicine?

There are several reasons that are individual to each person, but the most common are to use less medication, treat chronic illness, and relieve pain. Also for well-being, relaxation, disease prevention.

For which diseases or pains is alternative medicine used?

Some of the alternative medical methods are used by doctors and physical therapists for back pain, joint pain, migraines, chronic constipation, neck pain, Menopause symptoms, etc.

How much does natural health insurance cost?

It depends on each insurer, not all of them have the same benefits.

We are happy to help. With our advisors you will find comprehensive insurance solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.


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